HRH Crown Princess Katherine

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia and her Foundation have inspired the work of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization in Canada.

When HRH Crown Princess Katherine was in exile with her husband HRH Crown Prince Alexander, she always had her country in her heart. During these difficult years, Crown Princess Katherine worked hard to provide humanitarian aid throughout Serbia. Among her many initiatives, she provided caravans of food, medicines and other necessities to refugees of all races and ethnicities. The Crown Princess has always believed that there are no borders in suffering.
Their Royal Highnesses returned to Belgrade in 2001 after the democratic revolution. Shortly thereafter, the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation was established with the aim of helping disadvantaged people including children, the sick, refugees, internally displaced peoples and the elderly.

The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation provides aid for medical institutions in the form of: medicine and medical equipment; medical training; implementation of reconstruction projects and extension of capacities. In addition, the Foundation addresses the needs of children with mental and physical disabilities, children with special needs, orphans, children of internally displaced parents and abused children. Recent efforts have been expanded to support schools and universities, by providing scholarships and improving communication between students and educational experts from foreign countries.

The Foundation’s daily activities include working with the following ministries that have a crucial role in the development of its projects: Ministry of Social Affairs; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Economics and Regional Development; Ministry of Privatization; Ministry of Labor and Employment; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Health and Environment; Ministry of Trade and Tourism.