Our Mission

Social Services

Identifying ways to reduce the reliance on orphanages and to support existent orphanages and programs to meet the needs and wellbeing of the babies, children and youth in institutional care. Support initiatives that transition children from institutional care to small homes programs and successful foster care models that integrate orphaned children into family communities.

Cancer Care in Serbia

The rates of cancer in Serbia are the highest in Europe. Lifeline is urgently seeking help to effectively bring the incidences of childhood leukemia, cervical and breast cancer to more normalized rates and in line with the rest of Europe. Urgent help from individual donors and NGOs for medicine, medical equipment, strengthening the knowledge of professionals and supporting public health initiatives.

Education and Human Capacity Building


Supporting the alignment of work and internship opportunities with education to achieve employment of students and youth. As well as supporting volunteerism for those of all ages – youth as well as leveraging the life experience and talents of capable seniors as mentors in various fields of expertise.