Belgrade, 14 September 2023 – Humanitarian Organization Lifeline Canada, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, continued with their longstanding successful fundraising activities, aiming to support and endorse vital Serbian institutions. As a result of this charity, the Crown Princess Foundation in Belgrade, delivered much needed aid to three key institutions in Serbia – a hospital, a home for children, and a school.

Thanks to the generosity of great-hearted donors and the efforts of Lifeline Canada, over 6,500 Canadian Dollars were raised on this occasion, which were used to procure and deliver necessary equipment. Symbolically, all the sectors on which the Crown Princess and her Foundation focus the most, were covered by this donation– health, welfare, and the educational system.

Special Hospital for Cerebrovascular Diseases “Saint Sava“ in Belgrade received two hydraulic lifters for heavy patients lifting and two wheelchairs.

Home for children and youth without parental care “Hristina Markišić” from Aleksinac, received a Lazy Bag with an audio section that includes sound and vibrations, which is of great importance in their daily treatments, and a CD player needed for children with multiple developmental disabilities, stimulating the components of sensory integration.

The third institution that was supported, and received help is a school for visually impaired students “Veljko Ramadanović”, Belgrade, which was provided with the same type of Lazy Bag, as well as the three vertical mats with molds for the insertion of human figures, geometric shapes, and a tree with fruits, used for the therapeutic needs of children.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine is very grateful to all supporters of Lifeline Canada and the Serbian diaspora for their proven dedication to the Serbian people, great sense of generosity, and philanthropy.

“I am very happy that this activity, which Lifeline Canada traditionally organizes, was successfully completed this year as well. Many thanks to all the generous donors who recognized the needs of institutions in Serbia and thus enabled a better life for the people who live in them and use the services of these establishments.

Over all these years, your selfless support has enabled many lives in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska to be changed for the better, you have brought them joy and smiles on their faces, and the feeling that they have not been forgotten. People of Serbia are always happy to know they have true and honest friends who, although living far from Serbia, do not forget those that are in need in our country”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

Directors of all three institutions expressed their sincere gratitude to Crown Princess Katherine and Lifeline Canada for their continuous support and not forgetting their needs.