Under the patronage of HRH Crown Princess Katherine and with the support of Lifeline Humanitarian Organizations in the United States and Canada, a series of meetings of medical experts of Serbian origin that live and work in these countries took place June and July. The aim of these meetings is the networking of medical experts in Serbia, United States and Canada in order to determine medical projects that could aid Serbia.

During the last meeting in June 2013 held in Chicago, a new composition of the Serbian American Royal Medical Board was confirmed as follows:

Chairs: Dr Dragana Čupić, Dr. Nada Milosavljević, Dr  Ana Stanković and Dr Ljuba Stojiljković. Other members of the Board are: Dr  Dušica Babović, Dr  Dejan Budimirović, Dr  Mira Irons, Dr Ervin Kocjancić, Dr  Snežana Milanović, Dr  Žika Pavlović and Dr  Olivera Peković.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine wishes much success for this Medical Board and is looking forward to projects that will result from these meetings.

The objective and plan is to organize similar Serbian Medical Boards all over the word. This effort was started in January 2013 by the Foundation of Princess Katherine in Belgrade.