Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited today Koceljeva Municipality accompanied by Mrs. Betty Rumeliotis, the sister of Crown Princess Katherine and His Grace Lavrentije Bishop of Sabac. The reason for today’s visit was a humanitarian delivery of Their Royal Highnesses who, thanks to a humanitarian reception organized in Toronto by the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization under the patronage of Crown Princess Katherine, which provided household appliances for 143 families in Koceljeva municipality, whose homes were destroyed during the May floods. In addition to household appliances the Crown Prince and Crown Princess also delivered food packages to vulnerable families, provided thanks to the generosity and goodwill of the companies “Polimark”, “Žitopromet” and “Veropulos”. Families with small children also received toys and baby equipment.

Arriving in Koceljeva, the Royal Couple first visited the Church of the Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena, after which was followed by speeches. After the welcoming speech by the Mayor of Koceljeva Mr. Veroljub  Matic, who welcomed the distinguished guests and expressed his gratitude for the assistance the Crown Prince and Crown Princess provided for the municipality residents, Bishop Lavrentije of Sabac in his speech recalled that the Crown Prince and Crown Princess since the moment when the floods hit our country have continuously worked to provide help for their compatriots and several times since then have visited the affected people in the  Sabac Diocese bringing the necessary aid.

“We hope that today in Koceljeva we will be able to help you ease the troubles that you were afflicted by the catastrophic floods.In these difficult times you have to be brave, and my wife, Crown Princess Katherine, and I, along with our friends from the diaspora, as well as with all people of good will, are going continue to help all those in need”- said Crown Prince Alexander.

Princess Katherine said that our people who live in the diaspora always try to help their people. “The help that we bring you today is the donation from Lifeline Canada office whose patron I am. The funds for the appliances and food was raised at a charity dinner in June in Toronto”.

After the official part the Crown Prince and Crown Princess talked to the residents of Koceljeva municipality  and delivered them help they provided for them. After the delivery of aid, the Royal Couple visited the homes of two vulnerable families to deliver help and to see first-hand  the problems that the residents of Koceljeva are facing every day.

Royal Football Tournament in honour of the Crown Princess’ birthday

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, accompanied by Mrs. Betty Rumeliotis, the sister of Crown Princess Katherine, Bishop Lavrentije of Sabac and the Mayor of Koceljeva Mr. Veroljub Matic, attended the final match of the “Royal Tournament”, at the sports hall in Koceljeva, in honour of the Crown Princess’s birthday, organized by the Association of the Kingdom of Serbia. The arrival of the Royal Couple in the sports hall was greeted by a thunderous standing ovation and after the game the Crown Prince awarded the winning team the trophy, while the Crown Princess presented gifts to the winners.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess are continuing to help their compatriots who are the victims of this year’s floods, and on Friday, November 10, 2014, they will visit Kladovo to deliver help they have gathered for the locals.