Belgrade, 17 March 2020 – HRH Princess Katherine donated 8 defibrillators worth more than euros 41,000 to hospitals in Serbia.

The donation of defibrillators was raised at a charity event in Niagara Falls, Canada last October. The charity dinner “Let our hearts beat together in support of procuring urgently needed defibrillators for hospitals throughout Serbia” was organized by the Yerich Family of Niagara Falls along with the board of directors of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization Canada, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine donated the latest Defigard 4000 Schiller defibrillators to hospitals in Serbia.

“Due to the virus situation we have no right to forget the needs of our hospitals more now than ever and the support of those in need. These defibrillators are invaluable for hospitals in Serbia, as these machines have been proven to save lives. I am very happy that hospitals in Serbia will get the much needed defibrillators that will save many lives“, said HRH Princess Katherine.

The hospitals that received defibrillators are:

  1. HC Vranje
  2. GH Smederevo
  3. GH Kikinda
  4. GH Čuprija
  5. GH Valjevo
  6. GH Leskovac
  7. GH Krusevac
  8. GH Loznica