Belgrade, 8 december 2020 –  HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Lifeline Canada are helping the Home for Children and Youth in Bela Crkva and the Home for Children and Youth in Banja Koviljaca.

The donation worth more than 9,000 Canadian dollars was made possible thanks to the Vrakela family from Canada, who expressed their desire to help their country for their 50th wedding anniversary and invited the guests to make donations, in lieu of gifts, to the account of the Lifeline Canada Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

The Home in Bela Crkva received a Fiat 500 L, which will be used for the children’s daily transport and the Home in Banja Koviljaca got the long-desired new sewing machine, thanks to which the children will have adequate clothes and necessary personal hygiene products.

Mrs. Mira Lalovic and Mr. Zoran Stankovic, orphanages’ general managers, expressed their gratitude to the Vrakela family, Lifeline Canada Humanitarian Organization and Crown Princess Katherine for the aid they provided for the well-being of our children.