Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, delivered today a valuable microscope for surgery “Laika” to Clinic for neurosurgery of Clinical Center of Serbia, worth Euros 61,000.

Professor Dr. Miljko Ristic, General Manager of the Clinical Center of Serbia and Professor Dr. Miodrag Rakic, Director of the Neurosurgery Clinic expressed their gratitude for this valuable donation of immense importance for performing neurosurgical procedures.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander emphasized: “I am proud of the success of my wife’s humanitarian foundations both here and in Canada that have donated this valuable and important gift. Serbia is a country that is bound to succeed. With amazing experts and better work conditions it will soon be a country that will serve as an example of good practice!”

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine pointed out: ”I am very glad that are gathered here today on this special occasion for the valuable donation of a neurosurgical microscope that will help save the lives of our citizens. My husband and I have been dedicated to charity work for long time and we still strive to do more each day. I wish to express sincere gratitude to Lifeline Canada and our Diaspora acquiring this vitally important microscope.“

World renowned Neurosurgeon Professor Dr. Robert Friedlander, Chief of Neurosurgery of University of Pennsylvania and former Chief of Neurosurgery at Harvard University, guest of Their Royal Highnesses in Serbia, held two lectures for neurosurgeons from all over Serbia in the honour of the occasion.

Socially responsible companies JAT Airways, Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola Hellenic, and Eco YU are strategic partners of The Royal Family and the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Humanitarian Foundation and HRH Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Culture and Education. Their help and work are great examples of joint effort attributing to Serbia’s prosperity.