Belgrade, 28 March 2022 – Lifeline Canada Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine, successfully organized and conducted their traditional fundraising in aid of several Serbian institutions. As a result of this activity, the Crown Princess Foundation in Belgrade delivered today necessary help to Gerontology Center in Belgrade, Serbia.

Thanks to the generosity of great-hearted donors and the efforts of Lifeline Canada, over 18,000 Canadian dollars were raised in total. The purpose of this was to purchase the necessary devices and equipment for the Center, and also for the necessities of other institutions in Serbia, which will be delivered in the following days.

Gerontology Center in Belgrade received 25 toilet carts, 20 pulse oximeters, bedding, and blankets, which will significantly contribute to the users and give support to the staff of this institution.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine is especially grateful to NuVoxx Communications company and all supporters of Lifeline Canada and the Serbian diaspora for their selfless help and for not forgetting our people and our country.

“I am very happy that this action which Lifeline Canada traditionally organizes, was successfully completed this year as well. Many thanks to all the generous donors who recognized the needs of institutions in Serbia and thus enabled a better life for the people who live in them and use the services of these institutions.

Your selfless support has enabled many lives in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska to be changed for the better, you have brought them joy and smiles on their faces, and the feeling that they have not been forgotten. People of Serbia are always happy to know they have true and honest friends who, although living far from Serbia, do not forget those that are in need in our country”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

Director of the Gerontology Center Belgrade, Mr. Srdjan Dimitrijevic, MD, stated on this occasion: “On behalf of all users, employees, and on my own behalf, I would like to thank HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Lifeline Canada, and the Crown Princess Foundation in Belgrade, which once again generously helped the work of our institution, and significantly contributed to the well-being of the users of our institutions. It means a lot to us that we know that we can always count on your help, I am sure that our successful cooperation will continue in the future.”