Dear Lifeline board members and colleagues,


HRH Crown Princess Katherine has kindly asked me to share with you this URGENT request that we received from the Clinical Center Nis. Please find the request attached.


Our Foundation donated the first mobile mammography unit in Serbia to Clinical Center Nis, which goes to all towns in southern and central Serbia and allows all women to come and do a preventive mammography examination, which can save lives, without prior appointment.


From September 2009 to September 2021, 149,811 mammography examinations of women were performed. All films were read and the findings sent to women at their home addresses. According to the medical results during this period, over 1,600 lives have been saved.


At the moment, the mammography is unfortunately not working, and now we need it more than ever, since many hospitals have been turned into COVID-19 hospitals, and many examinations cannot be performed, and we know that breast cancer is curable if detected in time – mobile mammography van goes all over Serbia, regardless of COVID-19, enabling examinations in compliance with all epidemiological measures.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we need your help to repair mobile mammography unit, so please help us raise $ 9542.40 and get it back to work – many women are waiting for us. 

We have organized a campaign with the L’Oréal company that will provide a gift package to every woman who comes for an examination in October, because we wanted as many women as possible to be examined.


Please share this request with all your friends, donors and your database – please join us in reaching the goal, WE CAN DO MORE TOGETHER!


Thank you for all your help and understanding.


Kind regards,