Belgrade, 13 November 2022 – HRH Crown Princess Katherine today celebrates her birthday, and her birthday wish is that we all be kind and helpful to our family and our loved ones, our friends, and also to all those around us. That is the moment one truly feels the joy of giving.

Her Royal Highness warmly thanks everyone who sent her birthday congratulations and she also wishes to all the people around the world to stay healthy and safe in these difficult times, and to unite and support each other, for a better world.

Her Royal Highness will continue to help our country and the citizens of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska with the same enthusiasm and strength that she has for over 30 years, and she calls upon everybody and asks them to do as much as they can to provide to those who are in need, as life is better when no one forgets how great the joy of giving is.

Crown Princess Katherine also sends warm gratitude to all those who have dedicatedly and tirelessly been supporting her efforts in making a difference in the life of the people, through the work of Lifeline Humanitarian Organizations in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London, and Athens, which operate under HRH Crown Princess Katherine’s patronage for over 25 years, and her Foundation in Belgrade.

On the following link, you can see the annual film about the activities and donations of HRH Crown Princess Katherine and the Royal Family during the previous year: