Belgrade, 1 November 2022 – HRH Crown Princess Katherine addressed at the solemn opening of the 20th Festival of the Elderly Creativity “Golden Age” today, organized under the slogan “Add creativity to aging” at the Yugoslav Cinematheque.

This unique and traditional manifestation is dedicated to celebrating and testifying the creativity of people in their “golden” ages. The attendees were also addressed by Dr. Srdjan Dimitrijevic, the Director of the Gerontology Centre of Belgrade, Mrs. Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality of the Republic of Serbia, and Ms. Aleksandra Čamagić, the City of Belgrade Secretary for Social Protection.

“I am happy that this festival has a tradition, that it has been successfully organized for the past twenty years. It is wonderful to see that you maintain your creativity and develop it over the years through music, writing, and painting. Since the establishment of my Foundation, we have always dedicated part of our activities to the elderly. We wish you to know that you have not been forgotten, and that your wisdom and life experience should be a guideline for young people.

You have contributed so much to the world we live in, and deserve sincere gratitude.  My husband, Crown Prince Alexander and I will always continue to help the gerontology centres in Serbia in order to make life more beautiful and more joyful for the elderly, who are so close to our hearts. I wish you to be healthy, happy, and joyful, and I look forward to meeting next year at another festival”, said Crown Princess Katherine.

A short film “Jubilee” about the “Golden Age” Festival was presented as part of the program, and awards were also delivered: the journalism award “Golden Word”, as well as “Golden, Silver and Bronze Verse” to the 3 best-placed competitors at the festival poetry competition. Crown Princess Katherine also rejoiced the award winners with a nice gift – a book about HM King Peter II, accompanied by the flowers for ladies who won the prizes.