IMG_4792_webDonation worth over 5000 Euros

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II and Princess Katherine visited the Gynaecology Obstetric clinic and delivered a valuable donation, a neonatal incubator worth over 5000 Euros.

The Crown Prince and Princess were warmly welcomed by Prof Dr Nebojsa Radunovic, director of the clinic and Prof Dr Slavica Gligorijevic, head of department for intensive neonatal care. They thanked Their Royal Highnesses for the great effort and their wish to help our people, as well as for their care for the health of everybody, and particularly of new born babies. They thanked Mr. Branislav Tomic, who had been living in Vancouver, Canada for the last 10 years, and who wished to help in this manner the fight for the health of our youngest citizens.

Afterwards, HRH Princess Katherine addressed the present and pointed out that she is very happy that she has an opportunity to be a part of the joint action of her Foundation and the Tomic Family, and to deliver a neonatal incubator that will help the work of the department for intensive neonatal care where the constant struggle for life of the new born babies takes place every day, and where every minute is of immeasurable importance.

The Princess pointed out that Mr. Branko Tomic, who returned to his homeland after 10 years working in Canada, and now wishes to help, is the best example for all not to forget where they come from and where their roots are, and expressed her hope that there would be more and more of these kinds of donations in the future.

The present were also addressed by the donator, Mr.Branislav Tomic, who have decided to help the Gynaecology Obstetric clinic in this way, since he and his children were all born in this very hospital.

“I have found out that The Royal Family does a lot for organizing humanitarian aid. I think it is a very noble deed, and that this way it will have a larger echo in the public, that is, my wish is that after this action of mine others also join the action, of course the ones who are able to do the same, and participate in the humanitarian activities in the future” – Mr. Tomic pointed out in his addressing.

Afterwards, Their Royal Highnesses visited the clinic, accompanied by their hosts, and Mr. Branislav Tomic, and spent time in conversation with the patients and the medical staff.